We begin by surveying your firm's current physical requirements, from office space to storage. Then we discuss your current and future needs. Detailed feasibility studies and cost analyses enable you to make planning decisions based on solid data. During the design phase of the process, we work closely with you to create an environment that expresses your firm's culture and values. Our efficiently coordinated project management ensures high standards of construction and installation, and timely completion.
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Strategic Planning

Interior architectural design is most successful when it supports a firm's core business and is executed within the context of the firm's mission, goals and growth projections. This strategic planning process begins with the comprehensive evaluation of facilities, processes and procedures. It then extends into the creation of highly customized design recommendations that address the specific needs of the facilities for the foreseeable future in terms of functionality, flexibility, traffic flow, work habits and corporate culture.

Pre-Lease Analysis

Before your firm commits to a new location, you need to be fully aware of the big picture. We accompany you on walkthroughs of the various properties you are considering to analyze how well your current and projected needs would be served by the square footage, layout, location and views. We help you evaluate mechanical aspects, land limitations, neighborhood conditions, tenant issues, lease options and other major concerns. Upon final site selection, a preliminary budget is prepared.


Our design is based on the unique requirements of your build-out. At the outset of the project, we gather detailed information about current and projected staff counts, office and workstation needs, filing and storage requirements, specialty areas (reception, conference room, computer room, cafeteria, etc.), utilities and security. This document serves as a valuable reference throughout subsequent stages of the space planning and interior design process. Depending on your planning horizon, the period covered could be as brief as five years or as far-ranging as 25 years.

Building Evaluation

We can help you determine how well your building is serving your current and projected needs, including appearance, efficiency and the well-being of your employees. Our thorough analysis includes building layout, structural and technological capacity, circulation (corridors, elevators, stairways), parking availability and access, security issues, fire protection and code compliance.

Space Planning

To determine your firm's current and future needs, we begin by surveying existing furniture, fixtures and equipment. The results of your building evaluation and your list of program requirements guide us in creating a two-dimensional plan showing the proposed functional layout and staff adjacencies. Upon approval of the preliminary space plan, we develop detailed schematic floor plans.

Corporate Image Development

We work with you to select the colors, materials, textures and spatial elements that convey the corporate identity your firm wishes to project to staff and clients. The process begins with an informal interview, during which we ask you about the firm's history, mission and competitive positioning. This information enables us to help you choose a "look and feel"that best expresses your image.

Interior Design

Based on the results of the corporate image development process, we establish an overall theme that will guide the selection of materials, colors and textures used in furniture systems, floor coverings, lighting, signage and other interior elements. We also set specific quality standards for furniture, fixtures and equipment. You have the opportunity to review samples of the materials we have selected, along with photographs and renderings of floor plans. Upon approval, we submit a final budget with actual build-out costs.

Project Management

Our comprehensive team approach ensures seamless coordination of the myriad details involved in realizing your building project. Administrative functions include reviewing and coordinating contract documents, securing and reviewing contractors' bids, regularly monitoring progress at the construction site, coordinating the work of furnishing contractors, preparing contractor punch lists and overseeing furniture installation.

Sustainable Design & LEED Certification

We fully support the principles of sustainable design, which produces energy efficient buildings that help protect indoor air quality and conserves resources. Design guidelines help enable our clients to realize their building sustainability goals. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a voluntary, consensus-based national standard for developing sustainable, high-performance buildings.