Liam Morrow


Liam holds a Bachelor's of Architecture from the New Jersey Institute of Technology, where he excelled in the integration of design and new technologies. As an undergraduate, Liam was awarded several honors including: The Dana Knox Research Award, The COAD Special Recognition Award, and The NJIT Board of Trustee's Acknowledgement of Excellence. During his time at NJIT, Liam also became an integral member of Team New Jersey, a select group charged with creating an environmentally conscientious design for the Solar Decathlon.

Team New Jersey successfully designed, fabricated, and installed the first ever all precast entry to the Solar Decathlon, a Department of Energy sponsored international competition. The eNJoy House, as the entry was playfully named, served as a contemporary prefabricated look at the future integration of sustainability and performance driven design. As an architectural designer for the team, Liam was involved in all facets of the project from conception to completion. The most notable displays of the work include The Center for Architecture in New York, The Interdisciplinary Sustainability Student Summit at Cornell University, and a written article in Architect Magazine.

Liam joined the Environetics Team in early 2011, and has continued to pursue advanced solutions to the problems presented. He has been actively engaged in an assortment of projects varying both in scale and typology. His work strives to achieve a contemporary discourse between practice and theory.