One of the few remaining independent game production companies in the U.S., Insomniac Games not only embodies the creative spirit, they inspire it in us. And they needed their new offices to do the same for them. Having seen them through several expansions — from under 4,000 square feet to their recent move up to 44,000 — our objective was to create an environment that would continue to cultivate the innovative, collaborative culture that defines this award-winning company.

While close communication between team members is integral to Insomniac's process, they still needed to maintain some degree of privacy between workgroups and a high level of security throughout. Add to that a wide range of usage and lighting requirements, and wall height became one of our chief design challenges.

The solution was a wall sculpting technique that allowed us to vary the height of the walls to support the disparate needs of Insomniac teams and team members. The sculpted walls not only added functionality, privacy and visual interest, they also made the space interactive. Based on abstractions of actual game graphics, we inserted dimensional shapes at various points along the walls, providing pedestals on which team members now display the toys and action figures that inspire them on a daily basis.

Working long hours in an intensely competitive industry, it was important that the space not only energize team members and fuel their creativity, but also provide areas of rest and calm. Along with the undulating walls and clean, geometric shapes, a predominantly cool color palette with warm accents imbues the space with a playful tranquility.

By reusing much of the existing infrastructure and applying standard materials in non-traditional ways, we were able to adhere to a conservative budget while designing a space that was anything but. Our close relationship with Insomniac Games and healthy collaboration with the contractor enabled us to move quickly to accommodate the company's rapid growth and changing needs while maintaining a consistent style from project to project.

The resulting space has been so well received by the Insomniac team that they've even incorporated it into one of their games as a secret level called the Insomniac Museum. They consistently inspire our creativity. We're just glad we could return the favor.

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"We have a very creative, collaborative and communicative culture here and our office design reflects that. We've had several build-outs and have always gone back to Environetics®. They're a great fit in terms of their speed and vision and as a result we've had a fantastic long-term relationship. It's a relationship we hope to continue as Insomniac grows."

Ted Price
Insomniac Games